Dreamy forests of Jyväskylä

Dreams are the most important source of my inspiration as a writer, but nature and especially forests offer me something crucial, too. There is something magical in forests, they are enchanted places (and some of them even more than others) and thus a great way to nurture your creativity.

My second novel – The Cinematic Life. A novel – is about many things and among them is the ability to find your way out of the dullness of your everyday life and reach the magical – or cinematic – layers of human existence. In this novel I introduce some special places of my hometown, real spots of Jyväskylä city that are somehow cinematic and thus offer you a chance to find your inner cinematic self and do something maybe completely out of you everyday character.

One of these places is a forest near the Tourujoki river bank. I really enjoy it in there – the place is practically in the middle of the city but nonetheless silent and peaceful:




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  1. I sincerely hope this may be translated into English as I’d love to read it! (Sadly I’m too impatient to learn Finnish so that I may enjoy it in your native tongue). By any chance, is there news of this being translated into other languages yet?


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