Blogging in English – well, I’ll give it a try

Here’s a bulletin from my agent:

91M8SbGNFHL__SL1500_French publisher Éditions de L’Ogre is the latest member of The Rabbit Back Literature Society. After Pushkin Press from the UK, Aufbau Verlag from Germany, Adriano Salani from Italy, Duomo Ediciones from Spain, Paseka Publishers from Czech Republic and Versus Publishing House from Lithuania, Éditions de l’Ogre is the newest member to join The Rabbit Back Literature Society.

The acquiring publisher summarized the motivation to their offer like this: ”we love it!”

and we couldn’t agree more…

So, it seems now that my first novel (originally published in Finnish in 2006) has been sold to seven countries so far. I have been told more than a couple of times that I should consider blogging in English, too, because my audience is not solely Finnish anymore. I have had a Finnish blog since the beginning of my career as a published author but until last November I didn’t have a reason to blog in English. But I guess now I do. The Rabbit Back Literature Society was published in English two months ago, by Pushkin Press, and there has been quite many very nice book reviews of it in different British newspapers, magazines and websites. My book has found its audience, and it seems like I’m gaining more international readers every day – maybe it really is time for me to forget my doubts and start blogging in English…

It’s obvious that English isn’t my native langue and I don’t feel completely comfortable using it this way. Finnish is my guitar and when using it I’m like Jimi Hendrix. On the other hand English is for me like a bagpipe in the hands of a rabbit when I try to express my thoughts with accuracy and precision. I promise my books are better than my writings in this blog; luckily I didn’t have to translate The Rabbit Back Literature Society myself but Lola Rogers did it – and she did an excellent job, as you can see yourself if you take a look at the book.

You may ask what is going to happen in this blog. Well, I’m going to tell things about myself, about my books and about my work as a writer, hoping that my not-so-perfect English won’t matter too much and this blog will gain readers and serve as a way for me to stay in touch with my international readers…

It goes without saying that I welcome your comments, and if you wish to ask something from me, don’t hesitate to do so.


P.S. The title of this blog is A Writer Who Stole from Morpheus because I get most of the ideas for my stories from my dreams. Since I was a child I’ve had strange dreams about malicious runaway trains, vampires, secret passageways, witches raising the dead from their graves, ghosts, magic and things like that. I don’t actually write fantasy or science fiction, but I love to use elements from different genres like fantasy, horror, sci-fi, detective stories etc. and mix them with somewhat realistic literary fiction in order to tell as good and compelling stories as possible and also reach for the deeper insights about life and humanity. I get bored very easily – it’s way too easy for me to stop reading any book if it happens – and my ambitious goal is not to let my reader to get bored while I’m trying to make her or him think all kinds of deep thoughts…

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