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selfieheinä14Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen is Finland’s best kept literary secret…

In the early 70’s, when he was five, Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen lived in a block of flats by the Jyväskylä’s (a city in Central Finland) old cemetery and believed in vampires.

In the early 80’s he still had vampire dreams and fell in love with Jeanne Moreau in Truffaut’s Jules et Jim.

Ten years later Pasi wrote his first short stories. He wan the writing competition of SciFi and fantasy stories four times and then decided to become a writer.

Now he is an author, but he is also a Finnish and literature teacher in upper secondary school and the father of three sons.

He hasn’t stopped loving vampires, Jeanne Moreau and old film classics.


Where the Trains turn (Missä junat kääntyvät) – Short stories, Portti-kirjat 2000

The Rabbit Back Literature Society  (Lumikko ja yhdeksän muuta) – Novel, Atena 2006


A Zoo That Fell From the Sky (Taivaalta pudonnut eläintarha) –  Short stories, reedition, Atena 2008


Secret Passages in a Hillside Town (Harjukaupungin salakäytävät) – Atena 2010. Read a description!


Souls Walk in the Rain (Sielut kulkevat sateessa) – Novel, Atena 2013


The Day of a Mutant Cat (Väärän kissan päivä) – Novel, Atena 2017. Read a description!


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  3. Hi! I just picked up a copy of Rabbit Back Literature Society in English and love it! I am curious to know why the tense in the narrative changes each time the Game is played? I noticed it when Ella challenged Katz, and have just finished the chapter where she challenges Winter. The narrative changes from ”said,” ”did,” and ”thought,” to ”says,” ”does,” and ”thinks,” etc.

    I had hoped to find a French translation to read but could not, so I am using English but is this done for a reason or perhaps translation slip?

    Thank you!

    • Dear Hannah,
      I think the present tense is more intense than the past tense, so I tend to use it when there’s need for emphasizing the intense nature of the ongoing events.


    I’m an editor of Science Fiction World Magazine(China). I’m writing because I love your story (I found it from ,if it’s possible, would you please send me the whole story via e-mail), and hope to introduce it to Chinese readers by reprinting it on our magazine. Attached is a contract in which you can see our terms . Please let me know whether you are interested. Thank you!

  5. Dear Mr.Pasi, last night I finished reading your novel Rabbit Back Literary Society and it was a big surprise for me. It is the most strange and at the same time perfect story I’ve ever read. I am not such a big fan of fantasy but your narration conquered me completely. Hope to read more of you soon. Greetings from Italy!

  6. We at The Finnish American Reporter have recently reviewed your novel, and would like to send you a copy of the newspaper containing the review. Can you send your mailing address to david.maki (at) finlandia.edu?

  7. Hi Pasi,

    I’m a UK book blogger who reviewed The Rabbit Back Literature Society a few years ago here: http://wormhole.carnelianvalley.com/pasi-ilmari-jaaskelainen-the-rabbit-back-literature-society/

    I’m wondering if you’d like to be on my author conversation podcast to discuss Rabbit Back and Secret Passages in a Hillside Town. Episodes can be found here: http://wormhole.carnelianvalley.com/the-worm-hole-podcast/

    If this sounds like an idea, could you send an email to me at books@carnelianvalley.com with your email address so I can send you the details?

    Thank you,

  8. Hello!
    I have just read your book “Lumikko ja yhdeksän muuta” in czech – my mother tongue. I really loved it and I am curious, if you have managed to write somewhere complete rules of “The Game”. If you have done it, I would be really really lucky to read through it, because me and my friends, who read that book too, would like to play it together and we do not want to forget on some details…
    I look forward to your reply!
    Best wishes
    Ema 🙂

    • Hi Ema,

      thank you for your feedback! You say you would like to play The Game, really? It’s dangerous… I suppose you know what it did to the members of LIterarure Soceity, don’t you. But I must admit that your idea sounds interesting.

      But no, actually I don’t have all the rules for the game. However, your message made me think if I really should write those unwritten rules down, too, and leave them here for you to use…

      I will think about it, Ema, and even though I can’t make any promises, I just might get back to this after a while…


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